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tomwood New Member
New Member

Workcentre 6515 broke after firmware update

Dear Support community.


I have done a firmware update with our Workcentre 6515, it was finalized, but then got stuck on a black screen. After 30 minutes (waited and waited for the printer to come to life after the FW update) I tried to reboot by replugging the power cable, but now it stops after blue logo screen. Tried BOOT MODE and HDD initializing, but it will simply not work. Any tips on how to make this rather new printer get back to working condition again? Or is it lost case?


Any help is highly appreciated.


Kind reg.


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will not boot New Member
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Re: Workcentre 6515 broke after firmware update

does anyone ever actually respond to any issue. I have same issue but see nothing to all the post
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Community Manager CherylO-Xerox
Community Manager

Re: Workcentre 6515 broke after firmware update

Hi Tomwood and Will not boot,

Thank you for using the Support Forum. Please make sure you have followed all of the instructions in this solutions for updating the firmware.  If this does not help please consider contacting your local support centre


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PatrickD Member

Re: Workcentre 6515 broke after firmware update

This what I did for being able to get out of the logo screen after a failed firmware upgrade from Mac


Based on


  1. Download the firmware (.bin) file, refer to support page for the printer.

  2. Create a folder named ‘DWLD’ on the USB memory device (FAT formatted).

  3. Store the software download file (.bin) in the ‘DWLD’ folder

  4. Switch off the machine,  Insert the USB memory device (rear of the printer).

  5. Simultaneously press then hold down the Home and Power buttons until the device powers on and SPECIAL BOOT MENU appears,

  6. Simultaneously touch the letters A in SPECIAL, B in BOOT and the Home button. Do not hold any of the three locations, just touch/press then release simultaneously

  7. At the keypad screen enter code number: 6789#. The SPECIAL BOOT MENU 1/3 screen will display.

  8.  Select Download Mode on SPECIAL BOOT MENU 1/3, then touch YES. The UI will display SW update progress. The machine will eventually reboot several times


You can find a video on Youtube for a similar printer that would show you the steps. Search for "Xerox C & B AltBoot"

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