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Joe Arseneau
Valued Advisor
Valued Advisor

Re: Xerox C70 with Fiery (Fiery Docs - Archive Export)

Archives are heavily encrypted, you cannot access them outside of CWS5.

You also can't move them from an internal Archive to an external (or vice versa) in one step.

So since you have them in your archive, you will need to put them back into a queue.


So Right-click > Hold




Then go to the hold queue and Archive it again, but choose/add the location to Archive to.






If you don't get prompted for a location it means someone unchecked the box that says Always prompt for archive locations and options, you can get it back by going to the Archive section and selecting this




I highly suggest an External USB drive for archival, or a mapped shared drive, because an Archive is a backup for "in case of disaster" issues, they need to be completely remote to the Fiery, this is why Windows doesn't allow backups to the Windows drive, hopefully EFI will eventually do the same.




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Joe Arseneau
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Xerox C70 with Fiery (Fiery Docs - Archive Export)

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My company has a Xerox C70 with Fiery.

The Marketing Dept utilizes the Fiery Command Workstation to save & reprint frequent jobs.

We save printed docs in both Archive & (process &) Held.

Upon machine installation, we were told to Archive so we could export those files so they can be reloaded in the event of a crash/loss.

Tried using the Command Workstation, the IP interface, and navigating directly through server files and am unable to figure out how to save/export the archive.

Unable to find any guidance via Google or Xerox. 

Ideas/Instructions very appreciated!

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