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Emma Samthon
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Xerox Falsely Boasting Green World Awareness GWA

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I want to know why Xerox boasts of the Green World Awareness program, yet they place the burden of all of the recycling labor on the customer. For example, in the Box for 4595 drum cartridges, they include a return label for Canadian users, but give instructions for US customers to log on to Xerox/gwa and go through a labor intensive process of printing out return labels one at a time. You are required to fill in all of the return information at each log-in which can account for hours of wasted labor, (given that we have 2500 employees) not to mention excess paper. The Canadian peel and stick label gets wasted because it's unusable and I'm sure that thousands of customers like myself, are tempted to trash the parts, rather than go through this process. Does anyone out there feel the same?