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Xerox Remote Services datacenter connection issues

We have 2 devices, a Alta Link C8070 and a workcentre 5890, both are networked and we can print to them and use network sevices with them.


The issue we are having with them are that we keep getting the error message "Machine is unable to contact the Xerox Remote Services datacenter" I can only assume that is cause by the firewall blocking the connection, unfortunatly over a few months of trying i have been unable to get any information on what ports / protocalls need to be open / active on my firewall to allow this to connect.


Please could someone advise.





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Analyst Nation Moderator
Analyst Nation Moderator

Re: Xerox Remote Services datacenter connection issues

Have you called Xerox in that few months? 2nd level gives that information out pretty often. And here it is


Firewall/antivirus software/router- AMR uses SNMP. Ensure the ports 443,161 and 162 are open. Add the edge server address as a safe address.


To verify you can do a Wireshark trace, and that can be done by both machines themselves assuming their firmware is up to date (Use the app linked to read)


5890 firmware

C8070 firmware


How to run:





Neither device will be successful if the time is off by more than 2 minutes


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Joe Arseneau
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