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Joe Arseneau
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Valued Advisor

Re: [Xerox WorkCentre 5755] IP192.168.2.6 not Opening in Browser but Printer Works Fine Connected to

If you can print then it is still online, if you are printing via IP address then the IP is the same and port 9100 and or 515 is open on the printer.

But hit the Machine Status button on the printer and verify the IP is still, because if you are printing via hostname you could still print if the IP has changed.


Also, you need to describe, or a screenshot, the error in the browser. If you end up in a BING/Google search results page then the IP doesn't appear to exist on the LAN. But a certificate error, or 503 error, or 404 error all have different causes.


So if HTTPs was enabled, you could be seeing these, which can be bypassed in Firefox/Safari and IE, but not Chrome.






Then there could be issues with 802.1x, IP filtering, Duplicate IP on the network (As long as the other device isn't a printer you could print and scan but a browser wouldn't open the page due to getting mixed responses)



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Joe Arseneau
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[Xerox WorkCentre 5755] IP192.168.2.6 not Opening in Browser but Printer Works Fine Connected to PC

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I have installed driver downloading from official xerox site for machine WorkCentre 5755 successfully and the printer works fine.


Before this I have successfully set up the machine IP and all other settings. The ip opened in browser initialy and everything seem to be fine.


But, after the driver was installed the IP does not open ion browser anymore wehre as the printer works fine.


What I understood is, the LAN is connected well and there is no problem of connectivity, otherwise the printer would not be working perfectly.


But unable to rectify why the IP is not opening in browser, because I have to set up the Scanner too.


If anyone got any other option to set up scanner without opening in browser, please suggest also rectify the issue of IP not opening in browser.


I am writing here after reading out 100s of articles on internet and not finding any solution to this problem.


Thank you.

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