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Re: Xexrox Workcentre 3045 IP changed


Thank you so much for your reply. When I choose Auto IP in the printer, I got it set as following:


Auto IP





When I add the IP to my Mac printers and try to print, I got the following error:


Connecting to printer...

Network host '' is busy; will retry in 10 seconds


Also, when I try to access the printer web interface by typing the IP in the browser, it does not work.


I really appreciate if you can help in this.




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Valued Advisor
Valued Advisor

Re: Xexrox Workcentre 3045 IP changed



If the machine is getting an valid IP-address.

You can solve this problem by installing the printer manually on the MAC, and putting in the correct IP-address.


To do this firstly remove the printer in your printer queue by right clicking on it and selecting remove.


After this go to the plus-sign in the left-bottom corner, and choose IP at the top tabs in the new window.


Punch in the correct IP-address in printer name/address

In job queue write LP

and on Print using select the correct driver for the machine.


This should resolve your problem.


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Xexrox Workcentre 3045 IP changed

Product Name: WorkCentre 3045


I have Xerox Workcentre 3045 and I am connecting it to my DSL connection through IP. Yesterday, I find that the printer got conflict in IP and its IP changed, since then I cannot print because my Mac computers do not see the printer IP.


How can I solve this problem and get configure the printer IP?


Thanks for your help.

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