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gessler New Member
New Member

error message

any idea where i'm supposed to look for what this message might be referring to??


Subject: MaiLinX Alert from IS-C202-XEROX


In response to an alert your printer has automatically generated this message. The message is:


Printer IS-C202-XEROX (CBI 202) (HBB403491) Error: : 00,020.68:2230, Printer Error. Contact Service and report this fault code. Printing is disabled.

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Xerox Employee BenjaminG-Xerox
Xerox Employee

Re: error message



I see that you currently have a service call opened for this, but I wanted to reply for the benefit of anyone who might see this message in the future.


The mail alert you received was generated by the machine and was just an alert to the fault code of 00,020.68. If you were to receive this fault, many times it will clear on it's own after the machine is power cycled, however if it doesn't the machine will require a service visit.


Luckily, it should be a pretty easy fix by the technician, most likely it is just a faulty media path motor.

Olwen Member

Re: error message

When any site or server not working properly than error message is showing..


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