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Re: iGen Toner Properties

Info that I have found follows.


If anyone has further information or experience I would be interested.


1. Waterfastness
No realistic period of complete immersion diminishes the print.

2. Dry Ink Offset
A common complaint of xerographic output is that the prints
“offset” onto other documents or onto vinyl covers. With iGen3
output there is no reaction in nominal environments. For
example, a stack of 80 lb coated prints may experience
temperatures as high as 130 degrees F (55 degrees C) without

3. Lightfastness
In accelerated lightfastness testing, Xerox iGen3 prints are
exposed to intense radiation that simulates about four years of
typical office environment exposure or around 2 weeks in a
south-facing window. Cyan, yellow, and black dry inks are
extremely stable and exhibit barely perceptively shifts in color.
The magenta dry ink changes somewhat more, with a moderate
loss of saturation. This compares favorably with lithographic
inks, where magenta, cyan, and black are relatively stable, while
yellow fades almost completely away in similar tests.

4. Durability
For the most part, images will be durable and resistant to
erasure. However, scratch resistance can vary by stock used.
Depending on the end use, coatings may be needed to improve

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Re: iGen Toner Properties

Thanks John. The info I'm being asked for has to do with printed material that will be subjected to weather and how the iGen toner stands up to direct sunlight, rain, etc.
I don't have any experience with this. Any info would greatly appreciated.
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Xerox Employee
Xerox Employee

Re: iGen Toner Properties

Hello Steve,


I have asked the engineers if there is any information that they can provide that might help.  So far, I have been told that the iGen machines are tested in 80 degrees F / 80 % RH conditions.  If the iGen is going to be run in hotter and/or more humid conditions, it has not been tested any of the specification information will not apply.  Any issues that arise from the machine being in those conditions will be out of spec.

I'm still waiting for additional information for lightfastness.  I will pass along any information that I get.



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iGen Toner Properties

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I have a client that is inquiring about the iGen toner properties. This would be in regard to lightfastness, durability in extreme temperature, and durability in wet conditions.

Is there a white paper or link that I could be directed to?


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