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Re: "Abnormal System Termination" since update to

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Hello Ivesvdf, 

Sounds like you have tried everything already, so it would be a hardware escalation: 1-800-821-2797.

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"Abnormal System Termination" since update to

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Product Name: WorkCentre 7830/7835/7845/7855
Operating System: Not Specified

A few weeks ago I updated a Xerox WorkCentre 7855 from version 072 to 073 using the ConnectKey software, 

Mere hours afterwards I experienced an issue where the system would spontaneously reboot. Thinking it was related to the software install, I then upgraded even further to version, which is now installed on the machine. 

This did not however fix the issue. 

A sample of the audit log (redacted): 

2391108/17/202214:08:426Network Scan JobScan Job 39
2391208/17/202223:59:5821Delete File/DirScan To Mailbox
2391308/18/202200:00:0021Delete File/DirScan To Mailbox
2391408/18/202209:59:125Print Jobaug 18, 2022 11:18:17
2391508/18/202212:19:006Network Scan JobScan Job 41
2391608/18/202213:22:2665Abnormal System Termination 
2391708/18/202213:22:261System Startup 
2391808/18/202215:10:1030SA Loginadmin
2391908/18/202215:10:4936Auditlog File Savedadmin


On average, this sudden reboot with message "Abnormal system termination" happens once a day. A sample of just these abnormal termination events:

2377408/02/202211:27:5265Abnormal System Termination
2379508/03/202207:38:0465Abnormal System Termination
2381508/04/202211:28:1065Abnormal System Termination
2382608/06/202211:27:5965Abnormal System Termination
2383808/08/202201:04:0065Abnormal System Termination
2385008/09/202203:03:1965Abnormal System Termination
2385708/09/202211:28:2165Abnormal System Termination
2388908/11/202211:40:3365Abnormal System Termination
2389608/12/202211:28:0865Abnormal System Termination
2389908/13/202203:03:2665Abnormal System Termination
2390308/14/202201:04:3365Abnormal System Termination
2391608/18/202213:22:2665Abnormal System Termination


You can see that they happen in the middle of the night as well so it's unlikely to be a bad connection and power related. 

Any ideas on how to proceed? This was previously never an issue. 

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