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Re: sold and pagepack mode? help please?


I bought a xerox printer model phaser 3320. When I turn it on, it has two modes: Pagepack and Postpone. I lost the pagepack mode password, and when I work in postpone mode, it only prints 50 pages, and I have to clear the printer settings to get another 50 pages. Please send me the four-digit pagepack mode password to solve my problem.

Serial Number: 3382182692

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Re: sold and pagepack mode? help please?

Me too !!

I can even name the eBay seller you bought from, but I won't here.

I am told by the seller that you need to contact xerox and ask for a code to put the machine in 'sold mode'

I will try that today, but not feeling optimistic.

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sold and pagepack mode? help please?

Product Name: Phaser 3320
Operating System: Windows 10

Hello, If anyone can help or explain this to me I would be grateful.

I have bought a Phaser 3320 laser, brand new in sealed box, from ebay (always a good start to a story!)

It won;t print anything. It does work, turns on etc, recognised by my home computer. When turned on i can select language as English, then it asks for a Pagepack code. As i don;t have one it won't do anything else.

So, I think thing pagepack is some kind of subscription deal. Is there any way to make this printer work for me as a stand alone device?

Ay help of advice will be gratefully received!

Thank you

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