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Re: turn off replace fusor message on workcentre 24

Would You tell me please, if there is such key for transfer belt cleaner.

The diag license of my diag is expired and I`m waiting for new one, but the machine is stoped. 

Its Workcentre 24 !


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Joe Arseneau
Valued Advisor
Valued Advisor

Re: turn off replace fusor message on workcentre 24

If you mean a Workcenter M24:


Hold down the 9 and the AC keys\

When it asks if you replaced the fuser pick Yes


If another model, please supply the first 3 digits of the Serial number so I can figure out what it is and what part of the world sells it so I can figure out the trick to reset it.

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Joe Arseneau
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New Member

turn off replace fusor message on workcentre 24

Product Name: WorkCentre M24

I recently replace the fusor on my workcentre 24. The message to replace it is still on.


With the replacement fusor there wasain instruction diagram for turning off the message however, it doesn't match what comes up when I attempt to turn it off.


I am  able to get into the password mode and have the password but what is displayed at that point is not what displayed on the screen.


The instruction that came with the fusor say "docucolor 2240/1632/3535.


The copier seems to working just fine however, the replace fusor now status has not changed.


I need to know if leaving the replace fusor now message is a problem and how to reset/turn it off.



Brian McGrath

Moon valley postal

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