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workcentre 6027 imaging unit and so on

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I am interested in workcentre 6027.

In the description is told the only consumable of this printer are the toners.

Others printers have an estimation of the life of the drum and the other used parts of the printer.

Why this serie 6020-6022-6025-6027 is different?

Is it not possible to change drum from the user ? or is it included in the toner?

Why it is not specified on the user manual?

Could you explain that?

Best regards




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Analyst Nation Moderator Joe053204-hcl
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Re: workcentre 6027 imaging unit and so on

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Toners are the only replaceable units in the device, manuals only include what a products has, not what it doesn't have.


Higher end / more robust products have more parts, but they also tend to support more papers, this unit has a small tray and only supports regular paper weights.


It's an LED, not a Laser printer, most of the comparisons put it up against laser printers.


Before purchasing, you need to be aware of 2 deciding factors.

1. This line of printers does not do duplex print, you would need to print all your even numbered pages, then reload the printed paper and print the odd pages in a 2nd job

2. Xerox has yet to release a driver for OSX 10.11, if you run Macs, you can't print without disabling SIP on the Mac to get the driver installed. (Until Xerox releases a driver at least)



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