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Joe Arseneau
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Valued Advisor

Re: xerox workcentre 7120 - missing SA credentials

SA account is typically

User = admin

Password = 1111


The first thing anyone does when the y sell a device or loan it is wipe the device, so that should be the admin credentials for yours too.

If somebody changed the admin account a Xerox tech is needed to wipe the device (We don't use backdoors to bypass SA, we do have them to gain the ability to completely wipe a device though, that way the information stored is completely destroyed, and not able to be read)


It's a real PITA when you lose access, but at least it means your information is secure.

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Joe Arseneau
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xerox workcentre 7120 - missing SA credentials

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Dear All,


I'm a IT service provider of a small company and they have leased previously a xerox workcentre 7120, but for nowaday they on this one. By the time we should perform some change in settings, but these are only avaiable if you are do it as SA, but some how we don't have these credentials. I red in several user guidte it's mean there isn't was to make a hard reset or something but i can't belive it. Are there some one who faced with a similar situation and have some experience with it ? 

Thank in advnce, Gabor 

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