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065-225 and 062-380 errors on WorkCentre 6515 and how to successfully repair them

Product Name: WorkCentre 6515
Operating System: Windows 10 x64

Dear all,

This is a message for people having issues with their DADF or main scanner on a Workcentre 6515 who wish not to throw away an entire printer, as Xerox support is NOT an economically viable solution.

Our Workcentre 6515 started showing an error whenever we requested a front/back scan from the DADF scanner. The error was 65-225 (while the error would be 62-380 if the issue was the main flat-bed scanner).

These error numbers refer to a problem within the scan CIS (Contact Image Sensor), which would not initialize and the printer reports an error.

We contacted Xerox, the printer has its warranty expired since one year. They asked for a 430EUR service fee to get it repaired, when I could find a new 6515 for 400EUR. That is plain ridicolous.

As I did not want to waste an entire printer for this issue, I began investigating the problem.
Disassembling the plastics on the DADF panel on the top, it is easy to reach the LiteOnSemi sensor of the DADF scanner, which is the one not behaving correctly.
The part number is DL620-01UHG-B, and it is the same part number of the main scan sensor.

I was able to track and order it using a Chinese supplier for under 100 USD.

I have just replaced it and the DADF scanner restarted working perfectly in front/back mode.

Just be careful during the disassemble when unplugging it and plugging the flat cable, as it is quite fragile.


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Valued Advisor

Re: 065-225 and 062-380 errors on WorkCentre 6515 and how to successfully repair them

Hi SanMarco, 

Thank you for sharing this information.  Xerox can neither recommend or endorse this process as it may impact reliability of the printer and could void the availability of any future service contracts you may want to purchase.  

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