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Re: 3615 erreur 00000003h

Hi Joe
solved meanwhile, the fuser packed up with 010-397 code in the history. Thanks for your reactivite
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Joe Arseneau
Valued Advisor
Valued Advisor

Re: 3615 erreur 00000003h

Where exactly do you see this message on the printer? That format looks like a Windows error not something I would expect on a printer UI. Do you have a screenshot?


Anything shown on the device should be formatted XX-YYY where XX is from 01-22 where each number designates a different machine part/process/area and the YYY designates an exact subset of the XX.


01Doors and Covers
02User Interface
03Machine Run Control
05Document Handler
06Laser Scanner
07Paper Supply
08Paper Feed and Transports
10Print Transport and Fusing
12Offset Catch Tray
14Document Scanner
19Video Image
22System Faults
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Joe Arseneau

3615 erreur 00000003h

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Hello everybody


I have unrecoverbale by POPO erreur 00000003h on 3635MFP 


It's not in the doc and I cant found anything in Internet


Thank you very much for help



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