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6250 phaser - NEW fuser unit USED?

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I just replaced my fuser at the same time as the imaging unit & transfer roller.  Both the imaging unit & the roller now show the correct life and installation date.  However, the FUSER unit says I have 62% life and lists the installation date as 2007.


Could the printer mistake this, or did I get ripped off by someone?

Would someone else's fuser's information & installation date show up my MY printer?


Additional information that may or may not apply:.

     It is possible that my fuser was OK and IT may have had 62% life left on it prior to removal -  because my information page from 2 months ago showed it as having 70% life remaining (although it listed a 2004 installation date, NOT 2007). I wasn't sure if THAT information was even correct, because I had REINSTALLED the SAME FUSER about that same time (when  I discovered I had the wrong replacement part.   I'm not sure if reinstalling the SAME FUSER   "reset" the fuser life to 100% or not because I didn't print a new information page PRIOR to installing the NEW (USED?) FUSER today.


Thank you for your help



PS. The printer DID reset a transfer roller back to 100% when I reinstalled the SAME one while I waited for a new one to arrive.  (It allowed me to print an emergency job that could NOT wait).  However, the printer did list that installation date correctly - it did not spit out some phantom date.


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