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savagela New Member
New Member

6400 xf Cyan Cartridge not recognized

When my cyan cartridge ran down, I had another ready. After I installed it I got the error "the Cyan carttridge is missing or not seated properly."

I called xerox support and was told that the toner cartridge was at fault since it was 18 months old.  I got a new toner cartridge a few days later and got the same error message. I tried the empty toner cartridge and got the message again.All three were xerox toners.


Meanwhile there seemed to be piles of toner accumulating on the opening in the drum. I would clean it off, but as re-inserted the toner cartridge there would be a little puff of cyan toner.


I had a tech out who was useless. He kept inserting and reinserting the toners. He had no idea and suggested we buy a new toner cartridge! From his company! Then he said maybe it's the drum...


Any thoughts? What sort of diagnostics can I (or a tech) run to find out if something has burned out or find out what's not making contact?


Thank you in advance for your help



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Kimzi Valued Advisor
Valued Advisor

Re: 6400 xf Cyan Cartridge not recognized



I can explain what the problem is but I think you will need an engineer to get it fixed.

The back of the toner has a contact point, and its also one in the machine, for each toner.


Its a known problem on this machine and more than often its the point in the machine thats at fault, it gets pushed in too far and/or gets damaged.


Hope this helps


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savagela New Member
New Member

Re: 6400 xf Cyan Cartridge not recognized

Many Thanks!! You have eased my mind

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