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7545 paper edge guide sticking

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My WC 7545 has one tray with paper edge guides that don't want to change positions.  They appeared to be stuck at about 11.5-12 inches, and unwilling to go to 11.  With some force, I was able to get them to the right position, but am worried if the client attempts to switch it to another size, or moves the guides while moving paper, they'll stick again and be unwilling to move back.


Is there anything I can do to resolve this issue, or does the issue require a technician call?

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Re: 7545 paper edge guide sticking

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Officially speaking, you can take it apart, diagnose the issue and fix it yourself.

A tech would be better obviously as they have service manuals and access to get the parts.

That said, it is entirely possible something just fell into the slot and keeps getting in the way, meaning you might be able to take it out and flip it over then give it a "shaking of a lifetime" with pretty much no chance of making things worse.

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Joe Arseneau