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Re: 8400 Tray 2 size

Hi jim84x.

Thank you for using the forum.

I recommend first checking the knowledge base for this product at this link:


Select Troubleshoot and then in the search field located on the right enter your search words such as '2 sided'.

There are a few solutions that might help you.

If not, you may want to contact support at 1-800-835-6100 or by using this form 'FastTrack to the Expert'

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8400 Tray 2 size

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While sending a two page printout from a website to my 8400-B, it printed the first page and then seemed to lock up and posted this message:  'Adjust tray 2 size press i'.   My 3 yr old computer has the same software, etc.  This had happened about 6-12 months ago, and after opening and shutting the Tray 2 several times, or switching to sheet feed for some pages, then it corrected itself.  Not this time.


It did make some re-start noises and had to 'warm up' from 15%. 


It will send a blank sheet through after opening/closing Tray 2, or sometimes prints the 4th page of the Cleaning Page with the solid checkerboard of colors.  While opening the Tray 2 the screen will also say, 'cleaning sheet needed'. 


Overall page count is low @ roughly 28,000.  Shut the printer off three times -- no change.  Shut down the computer once, and no change.  Any advice is appreciated!  Jim


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