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Xerox Employee
Xerox Employee

Re: 8560 multiple images on single sheet

Hello jpaintmat,


Here is a link to the Phaser 8560 Knowledge Base where you will find several possible solutions for the blurry area on your output.  When the KB opens in another browser window, simply type, "Ghost Image" (without the quotes) in the search field and then click on the first solution, "Residual or Double Image."  There, you will see a list of solutions that you can try that might clear up this issue.  I would start with item number 4 to clean smears off of the rollers and see if that does the trick.



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New Member

8560 multiple images on single sheet

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The 8560 was working well until it started to produce double or shadow images on the same sheet of paper.  The appearance is as if someone took an ink stamp, stamped the first image, then moved up 1/8 inche, did another image, etc.  A service call seemed to solve the problem for 2 days,then it started again.  So now no resolution.  I'm told the drum may need to be replaced but no guarantee to solve the problem.  A service kit did nothing.  We have other printers on the same network and they all work fine.  Now I'm told to buy a new 8570 for the same price as fixing the 8560. 

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