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8560DX failing to wake up & prints failing

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We have an 8560DX (8560 with Hard Drive/Productivity Kit). This allows printing to the HDD for 'walk-up printing'.


We have a problem whereby if the 'Walk Up' menu is left on the display(ie. the user doesn't navigate back to the top menu) and the printer goes into 'low power sleep' mode, you cannot print to the printer - the queue will throw an error. (Win XP Pro). Only way to remedy is to go to the printer and hit one of the buttons to wake it up and navigate back to the top level menu.


This seems to be a firmware bug, but we have the 'official' latest release 4.10 but our local support concession has forwarded on a 4.14 (dated March 2011) which they got from Xerox support, but with no release notes.


My query is, does anyone know what the changes between 4.10 and 4.14 are, and is this 'bug' known about and addressed in this release?


I'm concerned that the 4.14 release isn't available from the 'drivers download' page, only 4.10 which is dated 2009.


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