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jeremySchool New Member
New Member

8560MFP Error code

Getting error code 07,010.43:161463 from my 8560 MFP.  Maybe it relates to the maintenance kit which vibrates and screaches.



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LaBete New Member
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Re: 8560MFP Error code

From the service manual:


"7,010.43: The Printhead is stuck in the tilted position, or is not able to tilt
forward to the print position, due to problems."



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Technical Escalation Service Provider WilliamH81568-ASP
Technical Escalation Service Provider

Re: 8560MFP Error code

This code has several causes associated with it. Check for broken posts under the process drive, or damage to the process drive, damage to the maintenance cam shaft, or ink spilled around the printhead. Dried lube on the printhead pivot assymbly can also cause this one. The first thing you should do is an alighnment procedure.

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