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Re: 8560MFP - System Error 07,009.42:12888

Hi LindsayCole,

Welcome to the forums! I checked on for your Fault Code you listed. (Go to - If you have already powered off and powered on with the same results, you will need to contact Xerox Support. This problem requires a service call.

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Re: 8560MFP - System Error 07,009.42:12888

Wow...seriously? Not a single response?



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8560MFP - System Error 07,009.42:12888

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Hi All,


 I have a very aggravating problem. The printer seems to warm up to 16% then show this error. It does this in a loop. Printer is only a couple years old, and less than 10,000 pages printed.


Can anyone shed some light onto what error  System Error 07,009.42:12888 is?



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