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Re: 8560MFP will not power on with scanner attached

have you solve your issue ?

I have the same problem since I have update to firmware 4.9.10

my 8560MFP working fine before, without any issue.


What I do, I have upgraded first to 4.9.4, and the problem appear, so I see that the 4.9.10 is available, I try to update and same issue


I have also to downgrade to 4.8.0, same problem


any idea ?

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Re: 8560MFP will not power on with scanner attached



Have you sorted out this problem?


If not... where are you based?


I have 2 scanner units that both work perfectly but are not needed.


I would be willint to sell them if you need one.


If you are interested, contact me on nicholas at cross dot lu

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8560MFP will not power on with scanner attached

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We recently need to power down and restart our Phaser 8560MFP.  We we powered back on it did not go through its normal startup.  I did see a couple green lights on the right hand side so I knew power wasn't an issue.  I did some searching online and there was a suggestion to try disconnting the scanner to see if that was causing a problem.  IT IS.  With the scanner connected it boot up fine.  Connect the scanner and nothing.


Any thing else I should try?  Am I looking at purchasing a new scanner?  Any suggestions would be helpful.  Thank you.  Jeremy

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