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8580 fehler 93,984,00:22098

Product Name: ColorQube 8580
Operating System: Windows 7 x64


I installed a third paper jam to my 8580.
After power on I get the error message "8580 fehler 93,984,00:22098".

Can someone explain what it means and if possible a solution?

Thanks and best regards,


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Valued Advisor
Valued Advisor

Re: 8580 fehler 93,984,00:22098

93,984 Cyan Ink Obstruction
fault.  If the failure is pronounced enough it may cause cyan ink to overflow
its ink fill funnel and collect at the head tilt gears.  This may cause the
machine to declare a 91,720 or 91,722 head tilt fault.

I am far from able to help fix it though, someone else might be able to on here, but to me, it would require you to call Xerox and have a tech sent to fix it.

the 22098 in the fault doesn't apply to the problem, it is just the printers page count when the error occured, so if you are searching for the fault online, omit it,else you won't get any results.


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Joe Arseneau
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