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Re: Another question on error 7,007.040 on Phaser 8560, specifically on Process Drive gear train

Hello mikew67


If you have not already resolved this issue, we suggest you search our online knowledgebase for this product: Phaser 8560


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Another question on error 7,007.040 on Phaser 8560, specifically on Process Drive gear train

Product Name: Other - specify product in post

Similar to a recent posting I have been getting 07,007.40 error messages on my Phaser 8560 (very lightly used, out of service for serveral years, trying to bring back to use).  This has occurred after a sequence of error messages which have been worked through by following the maintenance manual.


With respect to Kimzi's suggestions:

  • Process Drive gear train has been homed (but see below)
  • Printhead appears to be free of obstructions
  • Printhead moves left to right OK (subject to X spring tension) both manually and by turning X stepper.
  • Printhead Restraint Arms (clear plastic) appear to be undamaged and unrestrained.

Also, per the maintenance manual in the section for 7,0XX.4x Errors, the Cautions at the bottom of page 3-16 were followed:

  • Printhead tilted forward (and free to be tilted back manually)
  • Head Tilt Gear disengaged (went through procedure to turn gear CW manually to bring fiducial mark to bottom/free positon. And, yes, it did take a reasonable amount of torque and hand assist on the print head to counteract spring tension to turn the gear through the actuating cam high position.)
  • Wiper assembly at bottom
  • Process Drive gear train homed (with holes in case and two gears verified with paper clip)

Did encounter a couple "loud noises" in getting through earlier error messages, and do here some "funny noises" from the Process Drive gear train during startup sequence now.  Wondered if gear train was damaged.  Removed it (along with its drive motor) and examined visually and with light finger pressure:

  • There was no apparent damage to any gear or its teeth.
  • Leaf spring tensioners on two gears appear fine.
  • No case damage, etc., was noticed.
  • BUT T-shaped bracket with 3 small spur gears appears a little floppy in its mounting.  Not sure if the spur gears fully engage when their toggle arm is actuated by the pin which rides on a cam on the bottom white gear.  (Am I hearing these gears slip a cog?)

So my questions are:

  • Is there a more definitive procedure for testing the Process Drive gear train?
  • Any suggestions for further diagnostics?
  • Should I try a Maintenance Mode diagnostic, e.g., on the printer head tilt?




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