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Xerox Employee
Xerox Employee

Re: Anyone else hate Xerox Copiers?


I suggest to wait for the tech. He will probably do an upgrade using AltBoot with FORCED_UPGRADE method.



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Anyone else hate Xerox Copiers?

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Operating System: Android

We have a Colorqube 9301 on contract at a remote office. They were running a 061.x-series firmware. They have a workflow scanning option to save scan jobs to a Windows file server. I upgraded the servers to 2012 R2. This broke workflow scanning as the 061.x firmware does not support 2012 R2. Xerox has a 072.x firmware that supports 2012 R2, but there isn't a direct upgrade path from 061.x to 072.x. You first have to go to 071.x. I scheduled a firmware upgrade to the latest version to have 2012 R2 support of workflow scanning. Because I'm in a remote office, I can't watch over the tech and he upgraded to 071.x and left. Last night I kicked off the upgrade to 072.x. The firmware update has the copier stuck in a reboot loop (just like it did with the same model copier in my local office). I called Xerox support who won't have another tech out until tomorrow.

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