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Re: Automatic Paper type selection does not work

Hello Quitte,

It sounds like the setting for the paper tray in the driver does not EXACTLY match the setting for that tray on the device. If you are using the Xerox Print driver you should have the option for cardstock from the print driver that would match what that tray says at the device.


Glossy Cardstock Guidelines:

The printer can print Lightweight Glossy Cardstock and Heavyweight Glossy Cardstock up to 216 g/m² from any tray.

  • Do not open sealed packages of glossy cardstock until it is ready to be loaded in the printer.
  • Leave glossy cardstock in the original wrapper, and leave the packages in the shipping carton until ready to use.
  • Remove all other paper from the tray before loading glossy cardstock.
  • Load only the amount of glossy cardstock that is planned to be used. Do not leave glossy cardstock in the tray when printing has finished. Replace unused cardstock in the original wrapper and seal.
  • Rotate stock frequently. Long periods of storage in extreme conditions can cause glossy cardstock to curl and jam in the printer.
  • In the print driver software, select the required glossy cardstock type or select the tray loaded with the required paper.
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Automatic Paper type selection does not work

Product Name: WorkCentre 6515
Operating System: macOS 10.15 Catalina


I put A6 LightCard stock into the tray and told the printer about that paper type and size. Then I send an A6 job with automatic paper type selection. The printer goes dingding and just fails to print that job. What it should do instead is print onto the A6 LightCards.

If instead I select A6 plain paper on the printer and A6 automatically select for the job it works, but then of course it will not heat the cardstock properly.


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