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Max_H. New Member
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Automatically connect to a wireless network? / Forced power down harmful?

Product Name: Workcentre 6515
Operating System: Not Applicable

Hello there,

I have a Workcentre 6515 which is connected via wireless LAN. The wireless network is turned off during the night. When it is turned on again in the morning, the workcentre doesn't automatically re-connect. We have to turn it off and on again. Is there a solution for this, so that the workcentre automatically re-connects to the network?
Also, is it possible to turn off the workcentre by just pulling the power plug? Then it would be possible to use an external timer to turn it off during the night and on again in the morning, and the problem would be solved. Or is it harmful for the device to not power it down the normal way?

Thanks in advance for your answers!

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Analyst Nation Moderator Joe053204-hcl
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Re: Automatically connect to a wireless network? / Forced power down harmful?

It should reconnect to the LAN when you wake it, but I have literally never heard of shutting off a network for any reason considered routine, so it may just be a problem nobody has ever tested for.

Forced power down would also be a bad idea, good chance of corruption if the printer was in the midst of doing something, and since simply killing the plug and then sending power to it would not actually turn the printer on (You have to turn it on yourself) there would be no point anyway.

I would update the firmware and hope, if it doesn't work, you would then have to call Xerox and explain the situation and see if they could fix it, or work around it.

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Max_H. New Member
New Member

Re: Automatically connect to a wireless network? / Forced power down harmful?

Thanks for your help! Many routers provide the feature to automatically turn of wifi during the night and weekends to save energy, so I'm surprised it's not considered routine.
But anyways - I chose the setting that the machine powers down after some hours of inactivity, which is always the case during nights. First person to come in next morning turns it on again - et voila! Good enough solution for now.
And I'll do the firmware update nonetheless.

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