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Re: B230 Printer stuck in boot process - circular dots on display being shown endlessly

Hello Stephen,

I would recommend make sure you are not plugged into a power strip and are plugged directly into the wall. Also try a new power outlet to make sure that is not the issue. If neither of those things work, then where the device is very new, I recommend you call Support for more assistance: 1-800-821-2797.


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B230 Printer stuck in boot process - circular dots on display being shown endlessly

Product Name: Xerox B230 Printer
Operating System: Not Specified

Hello everybody,

when I start the printer, it is stuck in the boot process - see topic.

Usually the printer should show a logo consisting of circular dots only for a couple of seconds, then the firmware version should be displayed for a short while, then a menu should be shown. 

My problem: the circular dots on the display are shown endlessly - I have waited for like an hour or so.

What I have tried:

a) push the ON/OFF button for a long time => printer goes off again; pushing the ON/OFF button for a short time powers the printer on again; 

b) removed power cable for a cable of seconds, plugged in again and switched on again

These actions did not help.

Is the printer broken? I have had it only for like 2-3 weeks and made maybe 15 printouts.

Thanks for any advice.


P.S.: I remember, a couple of days ago, when the printer was in standby during the night, it made some sound like alarm tones. I switched it off then, being very sleepy (-:

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