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Occasional Advisor
Occasional Advisor

Re: Bypass tray error 075-211 on DocuColor 250

Sounds like the sensor/ actuator that tells it when to stop isn't working.

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Bypass tray error 075-211 on DocuColor 250

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Hello everyone,


I'm having a problem with the bypass tray on my DocuColor 250.


When I turn the machine on it will lift all the way (unless there is paper in it - then it will raise until the paper hits the sensor) and then click continuously for a few seconds. Then I will get error code 075-211 the bypass will not work.


I looked online and I saw where people were having problems with the lift motor gear - but that's not it. It'll lift, It just wont lower or allow me to use it. I thought the bypass tray might be broken so I replaced it with a spare. It gave me the same results - Identical problem.


Any ideas? Thanks!

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