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Re: C235 MFP drops ethernet connection

Hi Cathy, set IP fixed in everey menu!


  • IPv4

    fill in ... DNS-Serveradresse in every menu.
    I have the same problem; at the moment c235 is working - hope tomorrow too :-/
    Never had such problems with other printers before... !!!
    Would not buy it again  -  noisy on top...
    cu, Wolfgang
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Re: C235 MFP drops ethernet connection

Hi Cathy,

Yes, it shows Current Version CXLBL.075.024, with no newer version available.

It appears that the printer is not happy with having no connection on its ethernet port for a couple of minutes while my router reboots,leaving it permanently with no comms, but showing it is connected but it won't accept pings, but starts working immediately if the ethernet cable is removed and then replaced.

Was hoping there might be a setting somewhere I could adjust that would stop this happening? Thanks.


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Community Manager

Re: C235 MFP drops ethernet connection

Hello poleposition,

Have you tried updating the Software lately?

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C235 MFP drops ethernet connection

Product Name: Xerox C235 Color Multifunction Printer
Operating System: Not Specified

Printer is connected by ethernet on a fixed IP, and works fine, however, if for any reason my home broadband router reboots, the printer says it is connected on the display, but no data is transferred. I then cannot ping the printer.

A power cycle of the printer restores normal operation, as does simply removing the ethernet cable and re-inserting.

Any thoughts on what might be causing this issue? Thanks.

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