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Re: C9000 Error Code Loop 117-357 -> 116-330 -> 117-357 -> 116-330

Hello there,

I searched our support page and found the steps to set the machine to factory defaults.

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C9000 Error Code Loop 117-357 -> 116-330 -> 117-357 -> 116-330

Product Name: VersaLink C9000 Color Printer
Operating System: Not Specified

We have a Versalink C9000 that is in an error code loop.

  1. Machine boots, gives 116-330 error.
  2. We perform a HDD Initialize
  3. Reboot, gives 117-357 error
  4. We perform a HDD Format
  5. Reboot, giveds 116-330 error

We replaced the hard drive with the exact make and model that shipped with the printer, and same behavior.

We called in a paid support request and a tech called us back from 3000 miles away asking us if the printer was in the Los Angeles airport. Um, no, we are on the US east coast. he said he would get it routed properly. I called Xerox back 3 days later. Gave my serial number. After 20 minutes on hold, I'm told "the machine is not handled by my department. Transferring...".After 27 minutes, next person says "This machines is not handled by my department. Transferring..." 46 minutes and counting, "My service request was canceled". Mind you, we already gave our credit card for a paid tech and have a service request number, and an actual tech called.

We are getting a bit frazzled and were hoping if there was another option available.

If the machine can be set back to factory defaults for everything, we would be perfectly happy with that. I can close the error dialog and I can see the "Diagnostics" icon with NVM Initialize, etc.

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