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Can't Factory Reset without lost Admin Password

Operating System: Windows 10 x64

I have a brand new Xerox b210.  As part of the installation I changed the Admin password and immediatley lost it.

The password is no longer the Serial Number and it is not 1111.


This support article says I must factory reset:


This support article gives two options to factory reset.

Option 1: Easy Printer Manager
Does not work because the screen that is supposed to perform the reset, instead is only a link to CentreWare Internet Services.  A screenshot of this is attached below.

Option 2: CentreWare Internet Services
Does not work because it just prompts for the admin password, which I don't have.


What can I do?

I need either a Password reset or a Factory reset.




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Re: Can't Factory Reset without lost Admin Password

I would still like an answer to my origonal question, however I have recovered may password now.  This was due to horibble usability issues.

On the change password screen the password field is limited to 32 charactors.  I pasted in a 50 charactor password.  So half of my password was silently discarded.

On the sign in screen there is no charactor limit.  So when I paste in the exact same 50 charactor password, it will fail.

There are several usability problems in these two posts that could all do with fixing.

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