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Re: Can you upgrade to memory on a c230

The same issue, colour pages including photos fail to come out or end with a memory warning. Very un pleased, will be taking Xerox on with this and getting my money back if they don't solve it. All I ask is to be able to print a colour photo page for the kid's school homework, not to much to ask is it? why are printers such a tricky thing to get right??  Thanks 

Re: Can you upgrade to memory on a c230

I have the same issue as JoeZue. Brand new c230 and printing 600KB (!!!) pdf with graphics causes memory full. While another pdf file with very similar pictures and size 2MB is ok. 

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Re: Can you upgrade to memory on a c230

Hi CherylO-Xerox,

i have a brand new c230 and get always memory full issues when i started to print out a photo or graphic at full page.  i use the newest firmware an drivers. pls help immediately, thanks in advance.

i never had this issue in a couple of col laser printers before, so pls don´t tell me to reduce size or dpi

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Re: Can you upgrade to memory on a c230

Hi Hannaloulou111, 

Thank you for using the Support Forum. According to the specifications there is not a way to upgrade the memory which is 256 MB.  You might take a look at the C235 which has 516 MB memory.  Here is the brochure on the C230 and C235.  The specifications are at the end of the brochure.  Please consider contacting your support centre for further assistance.

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Can you upgrade to memory on a c230

Product Name: Xerox C230 Color Printer
Operating System: Not Specified

I have not purchased yet, but I am wanting to get the c230 color printer.

Yes / No? 

I am thinking that I could possible upgrade the memory on it to reduce the chances of memory errors.

I am looking to get a color laser printer. This has good reviews except for memory issues.

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