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Sorryboss New Member
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CenterWare Internet Services for Docucenter C5580

Hi there,


Our docucenter was playing up yesterday, so we got a repairman in to fix it, who inadvertantly wiped the printer's address book. He apologised and showed me how to import a .csv file into the printer to get the address book back quickly.


The Centerware internet services initially opened up and prompted for the admin password, which I typed in and had no issues at all. Our repairman told me to powercycle it if it began saying something like "Cannot complete this task because the printer is in use" which is caused by users printing/scanning while i'm logged in. So I got that error after a while (as expected), turned the printer off and on, and now Centerware internet services automatically opens as local user, and I cannot find any log-in/log-out buttons.


It no longer prompts me for an administrator password at all. I've tried turning the printer off and on, logging into the printer via it's touch screen panel as administrator and clicking every button in the Centerware internet services that it would allow me to click.


Do I need to reset the password, or am I just being dumb? Any help will be greatly appreciated.





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Sorryboss New Member
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Re: CenterWare Internet Services for Docucenter C5580

I can add a TL;DR to this:

If you reboot the machine while using the webUI, you get locked out of the administrator account.
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