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RickVS New Member
New Member

Color cube compatibility

Good evening one and all,  my name is Rick.  I am planning on purchasing a Color Cube 8570 and have tried to get some tech. Information from XeroX while being on the phone switching back and forth for close to an hour.

Please, if anyone knows; I need to find out if this ink product is compatible with Lacquer.  I need to spray a top coat of clear lacquer over the ink and the decal media that it is being printed on once the decal is applied.

Another question is in regards to how solid the colors really are,

If I print a Yellow circle onto a clear transparency and then lay the transparency onto a black gloss lacquer table; will the black show thru the yellow?

Thank you all in advance.


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Neko2 New Member
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Re: Color cube compatibility

Hello, The one part that I can answer is that the color is mostly transparent. Like laser and inkjet the colors need a white background and will not look too great on black. I'm unsure of the lacquer part of it but if it's similar to a UV coating, I don't think it will work terribly well due to the slick nature of the thermal ink.
srdjan87 New Member
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Re: Color cube compatibility

Thank you for this information

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