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Re: ColorQbue 8700 paper jams

Hi Global Marketing,

Thank you for using the Support Forum.  There is no known issue that I am aware of. Please make sure the printer you just got has the latest firmware version. Take a look at the solutions for jams from tray one and take a look at the article for tips to minimize jams.  If none of this helps please consider contacting your support centre for further assistance.

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Re: ColorQbue 8700 paper jams

I am having this issue as well. This is my second 8700 printer. The other had no issues like this. I got this secondhand and had no issues till @4000 prints in. It does it on the 5 th copy
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Re: ColorQbue 8700 paper jams

Thank you js983e for using the forum.


I am very sorry that you are experiencing these issues.

I have searched the different knowledge bases and can't find many unresolvable causes of 'Jams in area 1'


Is there any other information about the jam that I can look for?

Is there an error code displayed ?

What type of job is being run?


Based on your comments it almost seems that you may be having the problem with a specific job setting that went untested in 250 sheets. I would have your service representative come back and contact their support center for additional assistance.


Mitch Swetsky
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ColorQbue 8700 paper jams

Product Name: Other - specify product in post

First off let me say that the two ColorQube 8700's our company has have been nothing more than headaches from day one, if one 8700 has an error the other one does. i dont get it, they arent even located in the same town.


Anyway back on topic...


we have had continued paper jams in area A1 (along with continued software issues which is its own beast of a topic with these machines) multiple service calls have been placed, and unfortunately Xerox contracts out their "phaser" products to a third party company called compucom. They have replaced the roller kits multiple times and claim that its fixed and sure enough the next day the jamming continues. The tech keeps telling me "well it only jammed 2 times on me and i ran a full tray of paper" the stock tray holds roughly 250 sheets so to me that is 100% unexactable.Then he tries telling me "well if you ran Xerox brand high quality paper you wouldnt be jamming as much"...which is funny because our entire fleet of 8900's, 9200's, 9300's, 7835's, our Color 560 and Color 800 machine all use the same paper with hardly any issues what so ever (when it comes to paper jams).


I know i will get the typical reply from Xerox "Please call our service department...."

What i want to know is, do these particular machines have a known issue with the A1 jam? i dont even remember the last time a print job that was more than 5 pages completed successfully with out jamming on either machine. 

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