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ColorQube 8570 unable to print - Add Yellow Ink

Product Name: ColorQube 8570
Operating System: macOS 10.13 - High Sierra

Hi all, I've just purchased a ColorQube 8570 that requires a new Yellow Ink cube. (It has around 1/4 cube)

I thought that I would still be able to print without the yellow but am unable to get passed the message on the display.

'Add Yellow Ink into Slot' 

Also is there a way that I can print a test print or view the number of prints the printer has produced whilst needed new ink? IE Can I get past the ink message?

Many thanks! :)

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Re: ColorQube 8570 unable to print - Add Yellow Ink

 a common issue on the Xerox ColorQube and Phaser solid ink printers is light stripes  Solution : Eliminate Light Stripes NOTE: Print a Configuration Page to make sure the  printhead jets, such as missing Cyan, Magenta, Yellow or Black color bars.  as shown in the image below, Jet Substitution Mode can not be used.



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