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ToddSabic New Member
New Member

ColorQube 8570DN "Waste Tray Missing"

This printer is having mulitiple issues, but the main one right now is that it is indicating that the waste tray is missing. I know the waste tray is not missing because I have pulled it out and emptied the tray and inserted back in. How can I get the printer to recognize the waste tray is there?

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Xerox Employee TrishW-Xerox
Xerox Employee

Re: ColorQube 8570DN "Waste Tray Missing"

Hi Todd,

Go to the ColorQube 8570 Knowledge base using this link below and search on the word "waste".  A "Waste Tray Missing Message" case will be returned in the list (5th one down). Click on that to review the list of solutions.  Hopefully, this will help resolve your issue. Please post back and let us know.



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TorBill New Member
New Member

Re: ColorQube 8570DN "Waste Tray Missing"

Tried all that was suggested.  Waited ten minutes before re insertering waste tray.  turned off printer for an hour.  Still no way to remove the error message



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Kimzi Valued Advisor
Valued Advisor

Re: ColorQube 8570DN "Waste Tray Missing"

Hi, TorBill!


This is the different reasons to the error message and solutions:
1. Waste Tray missing or not fully seated.
a. Fully install the Waste Tray.


2. Connector not fully seated.
a. Check the I/O Board connector P/J102 for proper mating.


3. Check that the Waste Tray Sensor is correctly installed at the end of the Waste Tray


If you're unsure on how to do this, I would recommend calling an engineer.


Best Regards


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XEROX8870 New Member
New Member

Re: ColorQube 8570DN "Waste Tray Missing"

Check to ensure the waste tray sensor is nor damaged or has been knocked off.
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kbriggma New Member
New Member

Re: ColorQube 8570DN "Waste Tray Missing"

Sensor looks like it is loose inside.  Any way to repair?

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