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Re: ColorQube 8700 won't accept black ink sticks


I searched our online knowledge base for invalid ink stick message and found this article for NA compatible  black ink sticks. Several variations of ColorQube ink sticks are available for the 8700/8900 depending on where the product is sold and the applicable billing plan. 



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ColorQube 8700 won't accept black ink sticks

Product Name: ColorQube 8700
Operating System: Not Applicable

Greetings all,

I recently tried to reload the "Black Ink" in my ColorQube 8700 when I got a message that said

to remove the "Invalid Ink Stick".  I've verified the Ink is branded as North American (Part number 108R00994).

Via the Printer Usage Profile I verified the machine is set for NA (North American) for ink regional usage.   The machine has System Software 

I've reset the U.I. NVRAM and power cycled the machine -- all buys me nothing.  I've heard with other devices, such as the 8570 there is a Snippit that can be used to return the machine to an ink expectancy status where after downloading the snippit, the machine will adapt to the first "regional" ink stick that gets installed which should work for me in USA.  Does anyone know if there's such a snippit for the 8700?  

I also would like to try to do a "true" NVRAM reset.  I believe there might be a "service mode" that will allow for this.  Any ideas would be most appreciated.  

Thanks much!

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