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Re: ColorQube 8870 Rejects Ink

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Thanks for your reply.


I called customer service.  The representative noted that is problem appears to be an issue with the ColorQube 8870.  


It appears the fix will involve hardware replacement.  He seemed OK to send me a snippet if that would fix it but that the fix now appears to involve hardware component replacement.


They are sending a suport tech out to do the changeout.  I'll try to report back what that involved.


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Re: ColorQube 8870 Rejects Ink

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yes, i have some more info about this :


problem :
Printer displays a Remove Incorrect Ink Stick message, even if the correct ink stick is installed.

cause :
The 8570/8870 comes shipped with neutral "factory" ink sticks with no region coding. Upon the installation of the first new ink stick after these factory sticks, the machine will set a region code based on the installed ink stick and will only accept ink stick for that region from that point forward.
Common region settings are NA (North America), Metered-NA, DMO, and XE (Europe).
In some cases, the region code may be set incorrectly which will prevent ink sticks from passing the ink loader gate and will display this error.

solution :

To correct the error, the region code must be reset to neutral, after which the next ink stick installed will determine the region code for the machine.


1). Print the service usage profile from the service tools menu. Locate line 275 to determine the current region code for the machine. If unable to print due to the fault, the service usage profile can also be accessed via CentreWare IS  (where is the IP address for the machine).



If the region code is incorrect, proceed to step 2. If the region code is correct for the market in which the machine is installed, then the ink stick being used may be incorrect, broken, or the ink loader may be malfunctioning. Only genuine Xerox 8570/8870 ink is guaranteed to work correctly.


2). A snippet is required to reset the region code to a neutral state. To obtain this snippet, contact your technical support line.

3). Download the snippet to the machine following standard file download procedures.

IMPORTANT: If the machine is displaying an error message due to out of ink, the machine must be in MFG (manufacturing mode) to accept the snippet. To enter MFG mode, hold the "UP" and "CANCEL" buttons down and power on machine. Continue to hold the buttons until the Xerox Logo has scrolled across the display.


4). Print or view the usage profile again to confirm the region code has been neutralized.


5). Restart the machine in normal mode and wait for machine to request ink or has come to the "Ready" state.


6).  Load an ink stick after confirming it is correct for the installed market (see chart below), this will set the region code for the machine.


7). Print or view the usage profile again to confirm region code is now set correctly.


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ColorQube 8870 Rejects Ink

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Product Name: Other - specify product in post

Printer: ColorQube 8870
Serial: XFL100202


I have bought Xerox brand ColorQube Ink item numbers 108R00953 (black), 108R00952 (yellow), 108R00951 (magenta), 108R00950 (cyan) bought in 6 packs of each from


I get an error message title "Remove Incorrect Y Stick (slot 1), See in packaging for detail" for the yellow stick and similar messages for the other colors.  I went to the FAQ and reviewed the corresponding message - it was no help at all.


My ink sticks correspond to the 8870 shape for the larger size (extended capacity). The letters EFGH appear on the bottom of the left side.  This matches the North America 8870 Ink Stick SKU's.


I live in Oklahoma and bought the printer via Amazon Prime a week ago. It's serial is : XFL100202  The number is confirmed as correct via both the configuration page printout and display.


System Firmware: 1.3.8.P / OS 10.62 / PS 4.10.0 / Eng 23.P1.4.10.0 / Net I updated my firmware successfully this week after it's arrival on Monday. It has 512 Mb RAM. The printhead serial number is RR20P4730/45.  I'm using the latest firmware from the software/drivers website support.


Everything tells me I'm following all instrucitons but the printer won't accept the ink.

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