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Valued Contributor
Valued Contributor

Re: ColorQube 8900 Ink

Were able to get the Ink Door closed ? And the Ink Cartridges are seated properly ?

Maybe the contact points need to be cleaned, they do get dirty over time.

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New Member

ColorQube 8900 Ink

Product Name: ColorQube 8900
Operating System: Windows 10
Added the standard full priced yellow ink cube to a used printer I just purchased. Rejected saying that it was not correct. Removed ink, door will not stay closed. Printer will not print because ink door is open. Found that this machine has the metered item number when pressing the ink color on the supplies screen. Purchased the matching item (metered) and tried reloading the yellow again. Again says wrong ink and again removed and door will not stay closed. I’ve tried the regular and metered ink, tried a factory reset. Suggestions?
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