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phlanlab New Member
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ColorgrafX X2 Wide Format Printer help



I have a ColorgrafX X2 printer and i am trying to get it to run.

So far i have set up an xp maschine with a SCSI-2 controller, the controller sees the printer an asks via the hardware wizard for drivers.

I get the this for every SCSI ID. Its asking for "XEROX X2 54 SCSI PROCESSOR DEVICE" 

Looking for a driver online no luck so far.

If anybody could help me find a solution i would be very happy.


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Analyst Nation Moderator Joe053204-hcl
Analyst Nation Moderator

Re: ColorgrafX X2 Wide Format Printer help

From what I remember, the Colorgrafx x2 ran with a Caldera or Onyx DFE, not from a regular PC. The drivers would have been built into the DFE software itself (From what I remember).


Caldera and Onyx are still around, but it will be pretty hard to get info and software (or the hardware) to run a 16 year old inkjet printer or its DFE.

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