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Connectivity Menu no permission anymore

Product Name: WorkCentre 6515
Operating System: macOS 10.12 - Sierra


when i login to the Printer over the browser as admin and will connect the network menu i get following error:

There is no permission to use this function.

I get this the third time, two times i reset the workcentre complete and start again, but by now i loss trust.

As it seems the software is buggy.

Is there an solution?

I have the printer now 3 days and by now only problems - not very customerfriendly


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Re: Connectivity Menu no permission anymore

If HTTPs is enabled and you don't have a signed certificate, Safari will/may block access

If the firmware on the device is buggy, then an update would fix it. Obviously you will need to update via the tool since EWS won't load to do so that way

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Joe Arseneau
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Re: Connectivity Menu no permission anymore

HTTPS is not enabled.

I have the printer now a few days, and let me be direct, the software ist not buggy, its not working.

I have the Firmwareupdate done, but the Problem still stays, after a reset it will work, but when i enable the admin and change the passord, the connectivity menu has no permission, its seems an htaccess code ist on the folder.

I used and lost so much time with support and try to get the produkt working, its a shame for a company like xerox to such this trouble on products.

I wait a full day for your answer, and it was not helpfull.

I will send the workcentre back, write a clear feedback and buy another centre, i have no time to be betatester for xerox and test their software which is written .......!!!!

I am very disapointent



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