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D125 Printer Not sending signal for fault or jam condition.

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Hello All,


I hope one or more of you can figure out an issue we have over at our facility.

We are running six D125 machines at our facility at all times, and produce about 35,000 copies a day. They are all connected to our bagger's through Free Flow Server stations. Each bagger has a beacon light with 3 different color patterns (Red = Fault, Jam, etc)(Yellow = Running low on Consumables, paper, toner, etc.)(Green = Clear) (Flashing Green = Waiting on product). The problem we have with one of the D125 units is it will not give a Fault/Jam red light to show that the machine is down. It just sits there with a green flashing beacon light. It does not matter where you move this machine either. It will reproduce the same issue on any of the baggers. It shows on the panel display that the machine is jammed or a fault, but does not signal the beacon light on any of the machines. 


I have had the service techs out here about 7 x's, and they cannot figure this out.


Let me know if you can lead me in the right direction, or if you all need further info.






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Joe Arseneau
Valued Advisor
Valued Advisor

Re: D125 Printer Not sending signal for fault or jam condition.

Make sure the firmware matches, then do an NVM reset, then clone one of the 5 working onto the 6th that doesn't.


That will eliminate the Software/Firmware and any settings.


Which will leave hardware. A few circuit board and wiring loom switches between 2 devices will narrow it to a single thing that needs to be replaced.

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Joe Arseneau
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Re: D125 Printer Not sending signal for fault or jam condition.

Copy that.... (No Pun intended),


I am heading in tonight and will check the firmware between the machines. I will have to check how to do a clone between a good machine to the bad. Let me see if I can grab the settings from a good machine before I do an NVM reset. The machine works, just not sending the signal for a fault or jam condition.


I'll get back to you when I check this out.


Thanks again,



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