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Re: Energy Saver settings not saving correctly

Hi Cathy

Thanks for posting.  I've compared settings and they are exactly the same on the machine the appears to be working appropriately and the one that is not so I don't believe those settings have any impact.

It just seems to me like there is a disconnect between the CWIS settings saving to the machine, at least for the energy saver settings.  Not sure if there is any way to test this or look at some error logs somewhere to diagnose.


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Re: Energy Saver settings not saving correctly

Hello Kevin,

I found a similar post that mentions the System Timeout may need to be adjusted.

Here are the steps for adjusting the System Timeout - you can give this a try to see if it helps the Energy Saver Mode issue:

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Energy Saver settings not saving correctly

Product Name: WorkCentre 7830/7835/7845/7855
Operating System: Not Applicable

Hi All

New to this forum.  I have 2 7855's and both are running the same firmware level (latest - The only difference between the 2 (other than network configs) is that the one I am writing about has a fax card in it.

So my problem is that when I go into the Web UI and make changes to the Energy Saver settings and click apply it takes several minutes for it to "save" and the screen appears to reflect the settings that I put in, but the machine does not reflect the settings in performance.  It seems to go to sleep within minutes and wakes when being Job Activated.

When I try to adjust the job activated settings it appears to save, but when I leave the energy saver screen and return it is set at the old settings.  This is also the case at a full shutdown and restart. The settings are not what I last set and applied.

I did go to the console and manually key in my desired energy saver settings manually. THAT seems to stay however any changes I make on the Web UI are not reflected at the console setting.  So it seems that at least this part of the WebUI is not communicating with the settings on the machine.

Part of my comment earlier about it taking a long time for "apply" to save is that on my other 7855 when I make changes to energy saver the apply is almost instant.

So, I'm wondering if anyone has experienced this or something of the like and can point me in the right direction as to what to look for to resolve this.  And of course I wonder what other parts of the WebUI settings aren't actually applying to the machine.

Thank you!

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