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Re: Error Code 094-321

ok got issue sorted only happened becuae the door opoened while machine was initialising

machine good to go after restart

thanks in advance

Re: Error Code 094-321

I'm not sure now I'm checking the manual i realise it's coming from BTR timer

I think what happened was when the machine was runnig the front door opened 

then after i closeed it got the error

so I'm not sure if that caused the error to run because the procedure was not runnign as it should. 

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Erro Code 094-321

Product Name: Xerox Color C75 Press
Operating System: Windows 10 x64

Good day all

Hope everyone is doing well

I was cleaning the lens on the printer because i was getting faded parts on print. the Cyan lens was extremely dirty with toner

After pushing back in all the compoent, i just pulled out the drawer to the IBT assempbly and others didn't remove the unit I'm now getting error code 094-321

First time it gave the code caused you to shut down printer but now it's just starting up but giving the error code

I've takenout the IBT belot taken off the cleanign assembly and put it back on and reinsert the assmbly

But still error on the screen

Seems i may have to reset the NVM? 

what is the reset code if that is the problem



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