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Re: Error 042-358 "Fan Motor Error" ~ Phaser 6280DN

This is just the information I am finding everywhere. Thanks  you:heart:

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Re: Error 042-358 "Fan Motor Error" ~ Phaser 6280DN

I just checked the RAP for this error and it could be more then possibly just replacing the fan. I found this on ebay:

I'm not sure if that is the FAN but since you seem pretty tech savvy I would remove the fan and look at it - take it to a shop and compare.

Another option you could try is calling an ASP and seeing if you can purchase the fan.

I would recommend taking it to a shop for an estimate.
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Error 042-358 "Fan Motor Error" ~ Phaser 6280DN

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I have a Phaser 6280DN I purchased for my home.


About 6 months ago I started getting this error, and it says to restart the printer, which I did. Then the error would go away; maybe 2-3 weeks later and then out of the blue it would give me the error again. Over the past couple months this has increased. This week it has increased to the point where I cannot print anything (because it gives me the error almost immediately).


My assumption is the fan is seizing up from whatever reason and has been dying the last couple months and now it's actually dead.


For good reason I don't want to buy a new printer, but I'm also out of warranty since this machine is more than a year old. I do not wish to contact an authorized shop because that entails I either bring my printer to a shop or I allow a stranger in my home, neither which I wish to do. Plus I imagine I'd have to pay for the repair? I would like to know what part I can buy to repair this myself? Is it just a simple computer fan?


EDIT: I have done some looking into this error and printed out the Error History Report; it states the error is 042-358-01. Further research says that's the rear fan. I'd like to buy a rear fan for this printer.



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