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Xerox Employee
Xerox Employee

Re: Error Code 303.777 and 303.355 on WorkCentre 7556


It looks like the battery was not new or was drained. Also it could be a problem with the NVM PWB (the little board on which the battery is mounted). The battery could be measured with a multimeter and it should have over 2.8V (normally 33V).



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New Member
New Member

Error Code 303.777 and 303.355 on WorkCentre 7556

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Hello There on our Xerox WorkCentre 7550/7556 we had the following Status Code: 22-505-17.

22-505-17Die automatische Konfiguration ist deaktiviert. Bitte warten, bis das Gerät den Diagnosemodus verlassen hat. Das Gerät steht nicht zur Verfügung.


A couple weeks ago, we had Problems an Service Engeineer was replacing a Battery and told us, NOT to switch of the machine anymore. What's the Battery for then? Bevore that, we switched the machine of (with the External Switch, not the one behind the Door) also was the Machine profided with Mains Electricity all the Time.

Ok, the Machine was running, since then. Yesterday accidentally an Employee switched the Machine off again and so, since this Morning we can't print any more and got the following Errors Codes

Error Codes 303-777 and 303-355, occoured Both on 02 January 1970 at 01:27. I guess, the Errors happen 1 Minute and 27 Seconds after boot. But how can the Machin forget the Time (especcially with a newly replaced battery)? 

Also the Machine Counter says:



6 B/W Pages vs. 24084 Colour Pages, whats totally impossible!


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